IBS EUROFloor is an OSB3 Panel (Oriented Strand Board) manufactured in Europe but designed specifically for the New Zealand Market. The product is a moisture-resistant, engineered structural wood panel made from PEFC forests in Germany primarily from Scotts Pine logs. IBS EUROFloor is engineered in Europe from environmentally sustainable sourced softwood. IBS EUROFloor consists of three layers of wood strands bonded together with heat-cured adhesives.

How OSB is made is, each layer is orientated at right angles to the adjacent layer creating a strong, dimensionally stable panel that resists delamination and warping. The absence of natural imperfections such as knots provides certainty of performance.

IBS EUROFloor comes in 3600x1200x20mm size sheets, which have a plastic tongue & groove jointing system. The weight per sheet is 52kg.

IBS EUROFloor is suitable for use in humid conditions where the panel in-service moisture content does not exceed 20%.

You can rest assured with using IBS EUROFloor as it is CodeMark Certified.

Lighter – Stronger – Healthier