IBS Hessian Board


Produced according to EN13171, EN622
Usage according to DIN4108-4
Thermal Conductivity Factor: 0.046W/m.K
Vapour Diffusion: 5
Specific Thermal Capacity: 2100J/kgK Fire reaction class according to EN1350-1 E Building material class according to DIN4102 B2
Density: 230kg/m3
Tensile Strength: 30kPa
Compression Strength: 100kPa


2440 x 1220 x 12mm

  • Description
  • Pinboards, partitions, displays and thermal insulation – IBS HESSIAN BOARD does it all!

    IBS HESSIAN BOARD is made using IBS Softboard, which is wrapped with natural hessian. The neutral colour is easy to rag roll over in a colour of your choice or leave it as is.

    What makes IBS HESSIAN BOARD unique is that all four edges are wrapped so there is no need to seal before use and it will always look great no matter which way you position the panels.

    IBS HESSIAN BOARD is the perfect solution in an office where it not only offers great sound and thermal insulation but is also great as a pinboard and office partitioning.

    This product is light and easy to install whether you are a builder of DIY-er.v vbnm


    • Display boards in your home office, workplace, schools and universities
    • Office partitioning
    • Decorative wall panelling
    • Thermal insulation
    • Sound insulation

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