IBS Pegboard


  • Storage panels for workshop and garden tools, kitchen utensils, office equipment, clinics and hospitals.
  • Coordinated spaces for children’s toys, clothing and jewellery.
  • Decorative wall arrangements.
  • Wire and equipment managers for the computer industry.
  • Merchandising aids for window and store displays.
  • Ceiling units for mobiles and art displays in schools, crèche and universities.


2440 x 1220 x 4.8mm

  • Description
  • IBS PegBoard is a practical and highly perforated hardboard panel.

    IBS PegBoard creates tidy spaces from empty spaces in conventional and unconventional places. IBS Pegboard is also great to use in the house to hang things in your kitchen or office space. The perforated holes also act as a great noise reduction panel either on the wall or ceiling. 

    This remarkable versatility is enhanced by a large range of functional fittings available from most leading hardware stores nationwide.

    IBS PegBoard can easily be cut to size with normal wood working tools and painted to match the décor of your choice.

    IBS PegBoard is either raw or pre-primed which can be left as is or further finished in a colour of your choice.

    IBS Pegboard is a LFE or Low Formaldehyde Emissions panel which makes it safe to use in your home.

  • Size
  • Pegboard White 

    2440 x 1220 x 4.8 mm 

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