PRIMAaqua is a high performance cellulose fibre cement sheet manufactured with sand, cement, cellulose fibre and additives. It is one of the most resistant materials there is for your exterior and interior.

  • Description
  • IBS PRIMAaqua is a wet area lining panel manufactured from cellulose fibre cement, with rebated edges on each length. PRIMAaqua has a smooth, sanded and sealed surface to ensure minimal water and moisture absorption in the exposed surface. Impact resistant and moisture resistant attributes have made PRIMAaqua the ideal choice for internal dry and wet area applications. PRIMAaqua surface can be tiled or finished with top coats and wallpaper.


    IBS supplies PRIMAaqua panels for use as:

     • An internal dry wall.
     • An internal and external ceiling panel.
     • A floor and wall substrate lining (over an existing structural floor) and wall framing for wet areas.
     • A flat, even surface that can be covered with ceramic tiles or paint. You can use a water-based, acrylic or epoxy paint system, after the panels have been properly filled. In wet areas, PRIMAaqua can also be used with an approved waterproof membrane

    Key Features and Benefits:

     • Durability and long lifetime
     • Environmentally friendly materials
     • Strength, impact resistance and toughness
     • Waterproofing and fireproofing
     • Not prone to warping or cracking
     • Good acoustic insulation and water resistance
     • Good thermal and heat insulation
     • Low maintenance

  • Panel Sizes
  • Panel Sizes

    • 2400 x 1200 x 9 mm
    • 2700 x 1200 x 9 mm

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