Why wrap your house with a piece of paper when you can build so much better with IBS RigidRAP. Better bracing, air control, moisture control and you can work inside the house during construction which speeds up your move in date.

IBS RigidRAP® is an 8mm OSB3 product that has been laminated with an approved building paper to give your house dual protection from the weather during your building process. It has been manufactured specifically for New Zealand, for use as a bracing element and/or rigid air barrier. IBS RigidRAP® is the only dual layer rigid air barrier system available in New Zealand and comes laminated with a BRANZ appraised watertight wall underlay.

As designers, builders and homeowners move towards more sustainable and durable materials and systems, the benefits of IBS RigidRAP® are becoming more relevant.

The product is lightweight, easy to cut nail or screw, and can be exposed to the weather for up to 90 days.

IBS RigidRAP® replaces the traditional building paper wrap to above all support a healthier, stronger home.


  • Internal or external wall bracing
  • External wall wrap – rigid air barrier
  • Temporary weather cladding
RigidRAP-Corner RigidRAP-4 RigidRAP-2 RigidRAP-1 RigidRAP-3

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Product Details

L x W x Thickness (mm) Weight (kg) IBS Product Code GTIN
2440 x 1196 x 8 14.9 RRAP082412 09421028769716
2745 x 1196 x 8 16.8 RRAP082712 09421028769723
3050 x 1196 x 8 18.6 RRAP083012 09421028769730


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