About Us

“We might not be the biggest but we are the best”

IBS Mission Statement

Using our portfolio of brands, we offer to differentiate our Service, Quality, and People.

We seek to develop the most innovative, professional and profitable experience for our clients.

Our passion is for providing our customers with the Best Products, the Best Service and the Best Experience.



  • Minimise your stock levels
  • Increase your stock range
  • Control your cashflow
  • Less damage to stock that takes too long to sell
  • Higher Stock
  • Easy ordering – don’t hold excess stock – order product as customers require
  • New Products – only buy a few sheets for a trial – low cost trial
  • Even small stores can look after the needs of any customer
  • Not supporting your nearest competitor by buying those one off smaller orders from them
  • Quick service to your customer
  • Saves storage space and less floor is required for a bigger stock range
  • If you use it right make IBS your packing team by ordering from us what your customers order from you – it is then packed and ready for delivery
  • 1 Order – 1 Invoice – 1 Truck – 1 Pallet – 1 Unload at your end
  • With Rainbow Pack system you are helping the environment with less packaging and truck movements