IBS EUROFloor is great for those looking for a great new look or just want the strength and durability of some engineered flooring panels.

EUROFloor is a OSB3 (Oriented Strand Board) panel which is moisture resistant and engineered structural wood panel made from PEFC forests in Germany primarily from Scotts Pine logs.

EUROFloor is specifically designed for the New Zealand market and consists of three layers of wood strands bonded together with heat-cured adhesives. Each layer is orientated at right angles to the adjacent layer creating a strong, dimensionally stable panel that resists delamination and warping.

****Important Update****

IBS EUROFloor should be installed laser print down onto the joists.


  • IBS EUROFloor be used in all timber or steel framed buildings that comply with the NZ Building Code
  • Where installers have assured themselves that the existing building is suitable for the intended building work
  • On floor framing designs up to and including 3.0kPa UDL
  • Floor diaphragms for the transfer of wind and earthquake loads within the scope of NZS 3604
  • For stair construction
  • For packaging and manufacture of crates etc.
  • For shelving
  • For use as cabinetry or furniture construction
  • Can be used in all areas including wet areas including bathrooms, laundries and showers (provided that it has the necessary waterproof membrane)
EUROFloor-Corner EUROFloor EUROFloor-2 EUROFloor-1

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Product Details

L x W x Thickness (mm) Weight (kg) IBS Product Code GTIN
3600 x 1200 x 20 55.1 OSBF203612 9421028769877
2400 x 1200 x 20 36.7 OSBF202412 9421028769990
  • Plastic T&G running the length of the sheet
  • Great unique OSB look for your floor
  • Environmentally friendly – formaldehyde free binders and engineered in Europe from environmentally sustainable sourced softwood
  • Designed specifically for the New Zealand market
  • Light, strong and durable
  • Moisture resistant and suitable for humid conditions
  • CodeMark Certified (CM70089)
  • Hard-wearing exposure tested by SCION New Zealand (90 days exposure)
  • Meets all requirements of the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC)

Is EUROFloor treated?
No, IBS EUROFloor only comes as untreated.

How long can EUROFloor be left out in the weather?
It can be left outside for up to 90 days. If the product has water sitting on the board this should be either swept off asap or holes should be drilled to drain the water from the product.

Can EUROFloor be used in wet areas?
Yes, the product can be used in wet areas as long as a certified water proofing product is used on the surface in accordance with the specified manufacturers installation procedure.

How do you lay EUROFloor?
All EUROFloor should be installed laser print down onto the joists.


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