Our commitment to sustainability

IBS believes in a sustainable and renewable vision in supplying building products to the New Zealand market. This is enforced into our company culture. Sustainability covers all facets of business from sourcing, to manufacture, handling of waste and with a focus for long term sustainable products for the industry. We look to minimize waste, recycle and maximise the use of recyclable packaging.

Quality and safety

Our team are committed to the quality and safety in the production and end use of our products. We carefully select our manufacturers who are also committed to sustainability values. We also make sure that buildings being built with our products are installed safely and properly to ensure product benefits are maximised. All our products come with documentation or an installation guide which gives step by step instructions. For example, an installation guide has been developed for our RigidRAP so that when it is installed, the building is weather tight.


Our manufacturers are in all parts of the world, all committed to helping Kiwis build better through IBS. We select our manufacturers based on their values, customer service and quality of their products. Our manufacturers align with our vision to be environmentally friendly and are of low or no formaldehyde emissions.

Product Transport and Packaging

In all processes of our production, we aim to strive to be sustainable. In our warehouse, we use electric fork hoists, reuse old packaging and recycle wood, plastic and metals.

If you have any questions about our products or processes, get in touch with our team.